Saturday, March 30, 2013


Spring is finally here! Well somewhat. It's still a little chilly out but I'm on Spring Break so I'm calling it spring. This is my idea of a casual outfit...six inch heels and all! I was destined to live in LA or NYC, I'm certainly in LA in my mind right now!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pop of Red

I haven't worn these shoes like all year and I'm not sure why. I have this unexplainable love/hate relationship with them. I think it may be because the heel is under 4 inches...but I thought they'd look cute with this ensemble. I always lean towards monochromatic colors, it's the Rachel Zoe in me, but I thought I'd add a pop of red today in the form of this adorable skirt. I do really adore this skirt I just wish it were a tad shorter. But hey not every piece of clothing is perfect.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Annie Wilson/Shenae Grimes love affair

Annie Wilson/Shenae Grimes

Ok literally I'm obsessed with this girl's style. Even her character on her tv show dresses amazingly. She's constantly effortlessly chic and I just am memorized. She makes me wish I was more boho. She literally takes my breath away.
 This romper on the far left...ok who doesn't want this?! Like come on it's AMAZING. And that peplum dress? On trend and perfect with the studs on the sleeves to add some edge. The beach outfit? Casual cool. The absolute epitone of it. And the belted casual dress is just so simple and beautiful. I love them all.
                                                 Shenae Grimes Look of Day to Night
I'm having a love affair with this sheer blouse. And those shoes. TO. DIE. FOR. I just cannot stop staring at this outfit. Absolutely genius and gorgeous. Maj. I just...I can't even begin to explain my love for it.
Shenae Grimes Ultimate Rocker Leather Outfit Look of Day
I want this leather dress in my closet like now. And this clutch. Another love affair.


This is what I wore today, I've really been into the color blue lately and I don't know why. Oh well. I wanted to be casual since it is a Monday after all so I just wore sandals with it. 


I'm in love with my new JustFab wedges! They're like six inches and I just die every time I see they are my current love, screw boys! These are definitely maj.
 This was my Saturday outfit because it was actually warm here.

Edgy Kind Of Preppy

As you can see I've been loving these boots. And come on who doesn't love a good pair of fishnet floral tights?? I'm definitely a fan of them. Prep with a twist. They remind me of something Jenny Humphrey would wear. But she wouldn't be caught dead in this button up. That's for sure.


I went for the casual yet classy look here. Definitely a huge fan of blazers if y'all couldn't tell. They turn a simple tee and jeans into a classy outfit in a second.